22 Credit Resolutions for 2022

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by Joe Mahlow •  Updated on Feb. 21, 2023

22 Credit Resolutions for 2022
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  1. Make a plan to start repaying student loans.
  2. Set up automatic bill payments. 
  3. Pay down balances on your credit cards. 
  4. Handle any collections debts. 
  5. Look into getting a secured credit card.
  6. Get a credit-builder loan (if you need a loan).
  7. Dispute credit report inaccuracies (ASAP Credit Repair can help with this one).
  8. Become a *trustworthy* authorized user on an account.
  9. Keep old accounts open.
  10. Apply for loans within a short time frame.
  11. Pay off credit card balances every month. 
  12. Limit new lines of credit.
  13. Track your credit score.
  14. Avoid fraud by taking extra pains to protect your data (i.e., password manager, not using public Wi-Fi). 
  15. Mix up your credit mix (responsibly).
  16. Make a budget. Make a budget. Make a budget.
  17. Do some extra research to avoid scams.
  18. Work with a credit counseling and/or credit repair company (like ASAP Credit Repair).
  19. If you need a loan, get one with a cosigner.
  20. Add rent payments to your credit report. 
  21. Pay your bills on time.
  22. Have patience. This one is the most important. Credit repair takes time but, if you stick with it, you’ll have the credit score you’ve always wanted. 



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